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The Right Way for Planning a Retirement Home

12 Apr
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That time of life when it’s time to leave the fast-paced city life and quietly move into a serene neighborhood. Yes! We are talking about Post Retirement Life. Retirement Homes are stepping into a bigger horizon with time. But, are retirement homes really attractive options for the elderly?

Experts feel it is a good option to be able to live an independent and activity-filled post-retirement life. Though the concept has been borrowed from The US and Australia, it seems to be catching up quite an attention in India.

For finding the right property and purchasing it, consulting property dealers approaching realtor/consultants, etc., sound quite simple. But prior planning is the key here. The middle-aged professionals today are immersed in making a long-term plan for the rest of their life after retirement. They are not just searching through various options but are also investing their money wisely so that they save enough for their dream retirement home. So, if you’re entangled in the hassle of buying a retirement individual house in India, make sure you go through a special list below that we’ve compiled down here.

Making the right choice: Developers track record is an important consideration while purchasing a house in a senior citizens’ complex.

Unlike a regular residential complex, the quality of service and maintenance is very important in senior citizen complexes. “Put your money only on those developers who have a demonstrated track record of not just delivering such a project, but also of managing and maintaining such a community,” says Paranjape.

Security & Crime Rate: Since break-ins and acts of burglary are common across the globe, the aged are the soft targets for criminals and crimes. Thus, choosing an individual house, society or complex located in an area with the minimum crime rate and appropriate security systems like CCTV surveillance, a security guard or guards, gateman brings peace of mind and is often secure.

Location: It is advisable to avoid retirement residential properties at far off locations. Choosing an individual house or society or complex in close proximity to the market and hospital in the neighborhood is a wise option.

Maintenance: Keep in mind to choose a residential property that requires minimum maintenance. As an individual advances towards his/her retirement age, the stamina for maintaining a huge property all alone is near to impossible. So, if you have plans for spending your rest of the life in an individual house in India, consult a realtor prior to making an investment. Also, check about the maintenance team available in the society prior investing in a property.

Retirement is meant to relax and spend the rest of the life in serenity getting the buzz out of life. Hence, thorough research on the areas and listings where you prefer retiring is a must. Always turn to a financial advisor when in dilemma, as investing in the retirement home is imperative. Keep in mind to compare various projects and the facilities that befit your requirement.

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