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Shubham GroupOur Leaders

Shubham Group is led by a diverse professional team of top executives. Whether understanding customer needs emotionally or providing best in class real-estate solutions; each member of the team is dedicated with Shubham Group’s strategic plan, in helping our customers to match their dream house needs and take action to create sustainable change.



Mr. Ashok Sharma, the visionary founder of Shubhum Group has an extensive experience in Real Estate and Marble Industry. Knowing the industry for over 17 years have helped Mr. Sharma to found a real estate group that has the deep insight and a broad vision. He has always been an ardent believer of positive and communal efforts. For him, every work done should actively or passively contribute to the betterment of the society. An entrepreneur, a social activist, and an impactful leader, Ashok founded ‘Shubhum Group’ to let people live their dreams quality housing.



Mr. Amit Jivnani is the co-founder of Shubhum Group. Amit wanted to infuse his 15 years of experience into various segments of real estate with the technological advances to provide reasonable and quality housing. His hands-on experience of the hotel, textile, and real estate industry has given him an added advantage to live up the expectations of homeowners.



With an experience of over 18 years in consumer durables, telecom and mobile industry, the CEO of Shubhum Group exactly know what it requires to drive business and deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. His critical business driving skills and excellence in managing business operations give him the desired advantage to deliver customer-centric results.



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